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Thirty years is a long time, a grand milestone, in the journey of any institution. For over three decades, Shri Panchdeo Singh ji and his group of educators have filled lives and hearts of all the students who have walked through the gates of our prestigious academic institutions. Spread across acres of beautiful lands, we bring world – class education for every student. With more than eighteen schools, institutions of higher education and permanent affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (Affiliation no: 2132946), we have always ensured that our students are on an onward journey towards ultimate success. At Rio World Academy a child will not just go to school, he or she will also excel thoroughly with our fully integrated learning modules and programmes. Child’s future is an intrinsic part of our collective vision.

School Anthem

We are the future, We are what it holds, We are the heroes, Sprinting to our goals May our knowledge grow, To the highest peak, While hand in hand, we follow, The truth we seek We are the future, Rio World Academy, Honor and honesty, Be the virtues of our way Faith in humanity grows stronger everyday, May our glory shine, In the morning sun, Our skills and aspirations, go forth as one. We are the future, Rio World Academy


  • To impart knowledge in all the fields so that the learner can make a head start.

  • To make the learner efficient both at personal and social level creating extraordinary students.

  • To make a concerted effort to take education towards global standards.